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Catching up with family and a s15

Left-Right: Taylor's S15 Silvia, Joey's R32 Sedan

Joey in his R32 chasing down one of the Cursed Sundays boys

Attending the Bring the Bash 2 event hosted by the Cursed Sundays drift crew is where I had the opportunity to reconnect with a cousin of mine. I'd known for many years that he had owned various S-chassis but his involvement in the local drift scene only came to light in the last 12 months or so.

I'd occasionally see him cruise past the normal spot up the mountain but with the congestion of late there have been few chances to see him slide on the street. Returning from a short holiday in Canada, and shortly after the Halfway Hangs 5 event, Taylor and I organised an quiet meetup at the local Uni campus. His friend Joey tagged along in his Nissan R32 sedan, who was also no stranger to the seeing some sideways action.

Pulling up in one of the back carparks we hopped out and started chewing the fat over some of the changes since I'd last seen the silvia. Performance wise nothing had really changed, the bay houses a Japanese spec SR20DET, untouched internally. Assisted by a T28 Ball Bearing turbo, which the Australian delivered 200sx missed out on, the car would have put out a healthy 184kw(250hp) from factory. A cheeky front mount and aftermarket radiator are among other things to keep things running smoothly. 

A shot from the good side, Vertex kit all round on 17" AVS T5

Inside the car are two bride bucket seats and a Defi Gauge setup with the the control module to allow the same gauges to monitor and switch between multiple senors. The car was sitting exceptionally low on HKS coilovers running 9kg fronts and 7kg rears making the 17" AVS T5 rims sit rather nicely, however Taylor insists that the same wheels in 18" are going to look even better. The front suspension geometry remains mostly unchanged from factory but as the car is also daily driven giving up a bit of angle is a small price to pay. Rounding up the car is the Vertex body kit which includes front bumper, skirts and the rear. Running at its current height made entering and leaving over the speed bumps look like a lot of fun.

The front right side looking a little droopy, may have had a fist fight with a guard rail up the mountain but whats a little bit of character on a car that sees a lot of time sideways.  I love how simple the body of the car is in an age of over fenders and incredible widebody kits. I miss seeing builds where the KISS methodology has been applied. I hope next time I go out to take more photos of this car the suns out and lights good, because I've still got a long way to go with my low light shots.

Booty shots

Booty shots

After a short while had passed in the carpark an unexpected guest arrived. I'd known the car for a long time but never had a chance to talk to the owner. It's rarely seen over here but shares the JZX110 chassis, as far as I know. Chevelle rocked up on the invitation of Taylor and Joey in his Toyota Verossa, which much like the first two spent its time frying tires and sliding sideways. Looking a bit worse for wear after Halfway Hangs and sitting a fair bit higher due to issues loading and unloading off the trailer, the car dwarfed the two Nissans.

Chev belongs to a group called the Cursed Sundays Drift Club who not only run some of the sickest 1J swapped S13's I've seen, but also host and organise the Bring the Bash event held in NSW.  Hopefully the next one will be just as killer, cabins are booked and crew organised so keep an eye out around the end of May for the coverage then.


A parting shot from Bring the Bash 2