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Halfway Hangs 5 + Video

Halfway Hangs is a 3 day grassroots show and shine/drift event hosted annually by the StreetKarnage, a group of like-minded friends who came together in 2004 to share their modification styles and passions together. The event fills the gap between NSW and QLD sitting a few hours south of the border between the two however people come from as far as Victoria towing trailers or fixing their overheated corollas along the way. Hailing from Wollongong, about an hour south of Sydney, the 6 hours drive between two drivers had some awesome roads and places to stop along the way.

As many have already seen there is a full photo album which can be found through the button above, however I also took just over 250 clips at the event. It was my first time doing so where I specifically was thinking about an edit I could do however due to work and university commitments the time never and effort to do so never seemed to be there. By the time I sat down with the footage months had passed and rewatching the clips reminded me the amount of talent some of the guys had. My only regret from the event is forgetting to bring my own Hi-vis vest as they ran out by the time I'd arrived. The footage was shot from within the spectators areas although there were still plenty of decent shots to be had. 

Hopefully we see this event continue in following years although it seems there's going to be some stiff competition now with Bring the Bash hosted by the Cursed Sundays Drift Club having a new home at the Port Macquarie go kart track. An album and maybe a video should be following soon, hoping to see some in car action this time though.