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The JZX110 Verossa


A rare car by most standards in Australia, the JZX110 chassis is reasonably well known among most JDM car enthusiasts but the Toyota Verossa is not the first car people think of when they hear this chassis code. Chevelle or 'Chev' as most people call him tells me that it is 1 of 10 in the country and the only factory manual, which is rare even among the JZX chassis'. It is also probably the only one in Australia that sees regular track action frying tires and sliding sideways amongst the smaller and more nimble S-chassis'.


The Verossa has various trim levels this being the VR25 with the Turbo 1JZ. Much like the other JZX platforms the manual was a factory option meaning Chev's Verossa is a rare find indeed.


The fluro Gram Lights by Rays were the latest touch and had just been powder coated by Produced Auto the day before. It didn't take long for someone to drop one of their rims on them and poor Chev did not look impressed.


Suspension and body kit wise the Rossa runs 326 power coilovers sitting reasonably low on, if I can recall correctly, 32kg springs all round and if it wasn't obvious the side skirts belong to the BN Sports kit while the front and rear bumpers are Vertex.


Despite being a much larger car, Chev has no problems getting it sideways to boogie with the rest of the Cursed Sundays boys. The 1JZGTE being a more than adequate powerhouse despite this particular one having low compression due to an overheating incident.


The Toyota Verossa might not be the prettiest car but the more time I spend with it in person the more it grows on me. 

Short chase clip from inside the Verossa with Chevelle at Bring the Bash 3.