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Who We Are

Who are we? If you wanna know a little how this all started.


About Prime Excel


Joseph Jang

Joseph is a born cowboy in Houston. Drives an impressively fast 2010 Toyota Prius without a Hybrid system and a mismatching colored rear bumper. Currently working on popularizing a store called "ZETARAES" selling stickers to help fund Prime Excel and his life.


Yoon Venaglia @spoicedandy

I'm the Aussie kid from NSW but I was born in South Korea. I've lived in Australia pretty much all my life. I'm currently studying at University but whenever I'm free I try to get out and shoot with friends or at events. Love hate relationship with the DC2, would be nice if it stopped breaking on me so I could make it to more track days but what can ya do.


Tony ScotT


I hail from Houston, TX, and own (as of this time) a 1988 Toyota Supra Turbo and a 2000 B16A2 swapped DC4 Integra track build WIP. Rad 80s and 90s cars are my jam, and I like to beat the living daylights out of my Supra on the weekends, only to ask it to be my daily the other five days of the week.